Ceramic Machinery

Model No. 557 (HSN : 8474)
Model No. 557 (HSN : 8474)

Details :-

Model No. 557 (HSN : 8474)

Roller Grinder Machine
(Make by Samay)
Technical Parameters :
1. Bowl size: 12.2cm diameter x 8.3cm height
(4.8" dia x 3.3"H);
2. Hand Masher size: 18cm (7.1") length
Food-safe, no BPA, no lead, no mercury,
elegant, no residual taste, low-maintenance
3. Double Stainless Steel: Sturdy, Easy for
cleaning & dish
4. Washer : safe Great for mashing garlic,
crushing & mixing spices, seeds, nuts,
powders grains

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